At Kozu Yoga, we believe yoga can help everybody out at some level. From the elite athlete looking to complement their strength and endurance training or the 9 to 5 desk jockey, truck driver and tradie simply looking to unwind and relieve tight bodies and stress… yoga can be all things to all people.

It has incredible healing benefits. It helps you sleep better. It improves your metabolism. It improves your skin. It helps you cope with this thing called ‘life’ just a little bit better.

It’s not just about being a little bit bendier! 🙂

We buck the trend of most modern yoga studios and steer away from any uncomfortable chanting and ommming (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but we focus on the postures, the vinyasa (moving from pose to pose with the breath) and the meditation and relaxation.

We teach you how to breathe deeper when you need it most…when you leave the studio and get back to ‘life’.

Try it once, it could change your life.

  • Power Flow Yoga
  • Beautiful Light Filled Studio
  • Friendly Instructors
  • Powerful Pilates
  • Easy Parking
  • Ground Floor Easy Access
  • Meditation


Paul Vercoe
Paul Vercoe
Kozu Yoga Creator and Principal Instructor – With over 10,000 teaching hours under his belt and a legacy of creating three other yoga studios* and flourishing communities since 2009, Paul brings his wealth of yoga experience to the Sunshine Coast.

Paul specialises in elite athletic performance and has trained AFL clubs Melbourne Demons, St Kilda Saints, Essendon Bombers and A-League club Melbourne City from 2010 to 2014.

Paul brings lightness and laughter to all his classes (Dad jokes mostly) but you will be guaranteed a vigorous Power Flow workout finished off with a euphoric meditation at the end of each class.

Nb. Paul was the creator and principal instructor for Kozen Yoga Melbourne (Hawthorn and Ashburton) 2009 to 2014 and was the co-founder of Zenko Yoga Sunshine Coast.

Jess Jasch
Jess Jasch
Jess facilitates yoga as a space to connect better with yourself and your body, acknowledge, accept and release blocks, and build a natural, healthy resilience and assurance within yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.
Jess creates a safe and judgment-free space for you to recharge, reconnect with yourself and practice the flow of physical movement through yoga and breath.
Jess believes yoga is about personal empowerment and allows you to open up and receive what you need from the practice. Come and try one of Jess’ classes and workshops at Kozu Yoga very soon 🙂

Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose
Christine Smith
Christine Smith
Christine has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 10 years now. With ongoing training over that time, Christine offers unique classes tailored to meet students ‘where they are’.

She encourages students to connect with wisdom, intuition, heart and intelligence to guide then through dynamic, fun and inspiring practices that ask you to honour your edge, but also invite you to go a little deeper, explore a little further.

Come connect deeper to your practice as you connect deeper to yourself.

Jordana 'JoJo' Addy
Jordana 'JoJo' Addy
JoJo is the owner teacher of Youngsters Yoga. JoJo’s lifework is to provide a safe space for children and teens to be seen, heard and loved; leaving with tools for a healthy, happy, peace-filled life. JoJo will be providing yoga for Parents’n’Bubs, Tots, Kids, Teens, Family Classes and a wide array of workshops. Contact JoJo direct on 0400 952 455 or email youngstersyoga@gmail.com
Natasha Rumble
Natasha RumbleNatasha Rumble
Tash has been teaching yoga since 2005.

Originally trained in “classical yoga”, her style has evolved into a strong blend of ‘core strength’ Vinyasa Yoga.

Tash has taught yoga for the Federal Police, USC, TAFE East Coast, professional surfers and swimmers. She has taught at many festivals and events, multiple schools and has also been running private classes for over 7 years now.

Tash has taught yoga and facilitated stress management workshops and has also delivered mental health and stress management programs at several Sunshine Coast Schools.

Tash is an adventurer and loves surfing, trekking, mountain climbing and running.

Enjoy one of Tash’s classes at Kozu Yoga soon 🙂

Janine Duyst - Pilates
Janine Duyst - Pilates
Janine is a devoted Pilates enthusiast…her practice has improved both her physical strength and mental wellbeing.
Pilates has taught her to work smarter, not harder, and to create sustainable muscle recruitment patterns.

Above all, Janine loves how Pilates changes client’s bodies by improving posture and developing long lean muscles.

Belinda Lee
Belinda Lee
Belinda TBA